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Meet our Staff



Leanne - (Owner/ Operator)

Growing up, like many of us, my family had cats and dogs. When I was 15 I began work experience for the Great Western Animal Hospital where learnt the joys and fulfillment of working with animals. After I completed my School Certificate in 1995 I began a Vet Nursing Certificate at Ultimo TAFE. While working at the Vet clinic as a nurse and casually working as a groomer for some local salons I discovered where my real passion lay and decided that I was going to be a Pet Groomer full time. After finishing my Vet Nursing Certificate in 1997 I continued working in the pet grooming industry developing my own unique style. Returning to where it all began at the Great Western Animal Hospital as their full time resident groomer in 1999 I continued to work there for the next 11 years.


Now 37 years old I have had over 20 year experience in the pet industry working closely with Vet clinics, other pet salons, zoos, animal rescue centers, the RSPCA and even training mobile pet groomers, my knowledge in grooming and animal handling techniques have been passed onto my staff, vets and new business alike.


I always dreamt of opening my own salon and in December, 2010 my husband and I had an opportunity to open a salon in Greystanes. Two months of back breaking work renovating the old unrecognizable salon transforming it into the multi-award winning salon you see today.

Officially opening for business in February, 2011 I began the journey that has lead us to the highest standard of this industry winning the Holroyd Business Award for “Best New Business” in June that same year followed by winning again in 2012 and 2013 in the category “Most Outstanding Vet and Pet Services”. We strive to be the best salon not only locally but throughout Sydney and NSW alike. We have received comments that our salon compares to the high standard set internationally as seen in Europe and the USA, constantly are keeping up with the latest techniques and styles we will always strive to be known as the best.


Tracy - Head Groomer

I used to work in office admin but became increasingly unsatisfied with it as time went by but like most people i didn't know what i really wanted to do then after both my grandparents had passed away i inherited their little Maltese Candy, then after a couple of bad experiences with her groomer who was notorious for being rude to people i attempted to try and do her grooming at home (something i wouldn't normally recommend). The "attempts" at Candy's grooming soon led me to say that "this is what i'm going to do" and shortly signed up for the grooming course at TAFE, through doing the course it led me to Leanne at Great Western Animal Hospital where we worked together until she opened her own salon and i am still with her 6 1/2 - 7 years later.


Every now and then i still go back to TAFE for their Animal Studies short courses and seminars to update my skill set and to pick up some new ones, and while Candy has since passed over the rainbow bridge you can see my current baby Cricket a little Papillon who always comes in to the salon with me.


Kim - Groomer

Hi, my name is Kim; I’ve been working for Leanne’s Passion Pet Salon since September 2014 and with Leanne on and off since leaving high School in 2006 at the Great Western Animal Hospital.


I have a very close bond with animals this is why I have chosen Pet Grooming as my career; I love my job as I get to make pets feel special and comfortable. Pet Grooming gives me the great opportunity to work closely with all different types of breeds from small to very large dogs , It is very rewarding brushing out heavy undercoats on Collies,Huskys,Malamutes and German Sheppard’s , I love seeing the dogs feeling lighter and free.


I also love to groom my own two dogs who enjoy coming to work with me once a month from their pamper, there name s are Daisy she is a Cavoodle and Rosie is a Moodle.



Amy - Bather

Hi, My name is Amy, I am caring and love to help you in making your pets clean.


Leanne’s Passion Pet Salon has given me this opportunity to start my career with working in the animal industry .My love started for animals when I was young, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have pets. When I was a teen I got the opportunity to go to south Africa for 3 weeks, going to Africa really opened my eyes, things I saw made me decide that I wanted to work with animals this is the best decision I made, it makes me feel so happy to see these pets go home clean and looking happy, it always puts a smile on my face to see clients coming in to pick up their pet so clean and knowing I have been a part of this. I have two dogs Louie Fly my Chihuahua and Asterix is a Jack Russell plus a very spoilt cat named Betty.


I look forward to seeing you and your pet.



I am Cricket and i am a pure bred Papillon (Pappy-on) it's French for butterfly as my ears fan out to form the shape of butterfly wings.


Tracy is my mum and i go to work with her at aunty Leanne's salon everyday you can usually find me in the morning sitting by the computer on the counter watching as everyone comes in to drop of their puppies and generally keeping an eye on everything that's happening, i am however very timid so i may not always come out to say hello but please feel free to tell me how cute i am anyway. During the day i am on the salon floor standing guard and making sure everyone is busy working after all it's what any good "boss" would do, i get to see all of the dogs get pampered and go home looking fabulous but i pay special attention to all of the cats, rabbits and guinea pigs as they hold a special place in my heart i wish they could all be my babies.